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February around the world is synonymous with Love and though there are many different Feng Shui Formula’s to boost relationships there is however a very simple but potent formula that any Feng Shui Novice can utilize to boost their love life!

This simple formula is known as the Eight Mansions or Eight Aspirations, which is more than 1200 years old.

It advises us that there is a mathematical formula based upon your date of birth, which explains the specific types of good and bad luck of all the eight compass directions. Your four fortuitous directions correspond to success in one’s life, health, romance, and personal development.   This Theory allows you to activate any of these directions to benefit specific residents utilizing a variety of tools, whether that is through color, shape or furnishings.

To enhance your personalized “Romance/Nien Yen” direction and location, firstly, you need to measure your bedroom with a standard compass. Stand in the centre of your room and draw a floor plan of the area, identifying each corner according to the compass direction. Once you have ascertained these directions, then you can begin to boost your personal romance corner through the below formula.

For Men       
Take the year of birth.      
Add the last 2 digits.      
Reduce to a single number.     
Deduct from 10.       
Eg:- year of birth 1936      
3 + 6 = 9, 10 – 9 = 1.      
Kua number is 1.       \

For Women
Take the year of birth.
Add the last two digits.
Reduce to a single number.
Add 5.
Eg:- year of birth 1945
4 + 5 = 9, 9 + 5 = 14,
Kua number is 5

In this formula, your relationship/ love direction is called your Nien Yen Direction.

Kua is 1, your ‘relationship’ direction is South.
Kua is 2, your ‘relationship’ direction is North West.
Kua is 3, your ‘relationship’ direction is South East.
Kua is 4, your ‘relationship’ direction is East.
Kua is 6, your ‘relationship’ direction is South West.
Kua is 7, your ‘relationship’ direction is North East.
Kua is 8, your ‘relationship’ direction is West.
Kua is 9, your ‘relationship’ direction is North.

For Men with a Kua Number of 5 – then your Nien Yen is North West.
For Women with a Kua Number of 5 – then your Love direction is West.

Okay, how to apply this formula to improve you relationship luck.  You should first look at the above table to ascertain what direction is your personal relationship luck area.

You should aim to get approx 70% right and then Feng Shui will work on the rest!
* Try to sleep with your head pointed to your Relationship direction.
* Choose a bedroom in your house that is located to your personal Nien Yen compass direction.
* Make sure your toilet is not in this direction. If it is, then cover the outside door with a mirror.
* Make sure this area is not missing in your entire house.  If it is then you can enhance this location through landscape.

Therefore, to activate for love we must find your Nien Yen direction/location and enhance these corners specifically for you.  The best area to activate is your bedroom. 

If your Nien Yen is South – keep 9 candles burning or a light turned on in the South corner of your bedroom and another light in the northwest corner.  A wind chime hanging in the northeast is also an excellent enhancer.

A Nien Yen of Southeast – burn a red candle or turn a lamp on in the Southeast and Northwest corners of your bedroom.  Then hang a metallic wind chime in the Northeast.

For a love direction of East – place a fire element such as a candle or a light in the East and decorate the west wall of your room with a red shade of color e.g.:- paint your wall a soft burgundy color or perhaps hang a beautiful painting in this location. Finally, add some black to the Southwest wall through decoration.

If your Relationship Direction is Northeast –turn a lamp on, burn a candle or place a rose crystal in the Northeast.  You can also decorate the East and Southeast corners of your bedroom in wonderful metallic colors such as silver, gold, white or even subtle grey shades. 

If your Nien Yen is North – place something that is painted black and round in the North area of your bedroom.  Lastly, decorate your West and Southwest corners of your room in metallic or grey colors.

If your love Direction is Northwest – A Rose Crystal placed in the Northwest Corner of your room is an excellent enhancer.  Hang a metal wind chime in the Southeast and place a piece of black furniture in the South.

For a Nien Yen of Southwest – burn 2 red candles in the Southwest Corner of your bedroom. Placing crystals in both the Southwest and North corners of your bedroom are excellent personal enhancers for love.  Lastly, decorate the wall in the East with a Metallic color.

For a Nien Yen of West – place a metallic colored bed spread over your bed and hang a metallic famed photo on the West wall of your bedroom.  Secondly place some crystals in the North corner.

The last “Love Tip” can be used by everyone, irrespective of the Nien Yen Direction.  Southwest is associated with Relationships and can be enhance through the 5 Element Theory.  Therefore, enhancing the Southwest of your Dining Room and Lounge room will benefit everyone in your family. 

Just a final reminder that if you want to find a partner, check to see that all your pictures have both male and female energies in them and that your home is decorated in warm and inviting tones that are neither too yang nor too yin.  Once you have made these simple steps then lastly enhance your personal Nien Yen corner in your Bedroom with the above suggestions.