Getting your Swiss Drivers License?
Here are a couple places to check out driving schools:

We found this link very useful for Zurich:
Click on Ausweise (Fuehrer und Fahrzeugausweise) and then on Umschreibing eines auslaendischen Fuehrerausweises and you will find a downloadable (in German) sheet on getting your Swiss license. You could also call the Stassenverkehrsamt at (01)468-3111 and ask them directly.

If you are coming from the US with an American License you have one year to trade in for your Swiss License. You must contact the Strassenverkehrsamt via phone or online - fill in the necessary document, send in your American License (keep a copy for yourself) plus eye test results and you will receive your Swiss License in about 2 weeks with your American one back as well.

Here are some sites in original languages that will help with traffic laws etc:

And last but not least....The Auto Clubs of Switzerland: