Fragrance Consultations
Béatrice Simmons-Heiz
Tel: 078 602 28 38

Plants are communicating their essence through their fragrance and these fragrance messages are having an effect upon us, either by burning the plants –profuma- or by employing the essential oils. We can plunge into this fragrance world and discover our preferences for specific scents. An individually composed mixture for bath, perfume or massage oil is not only a pleasure for the nose, but is also therapeutically effective. The wisdom of nature is the inspiration for all our creations so we only use 100% natural products with no synthetic additives.

Béatrice Simmons-Heiz has been working with fragrances for many years. She has recently been interviewed on radio about her work. She can create a special and unique essence composition for you based upon a name, a date, or from your own choice of theme. Her bath and shower essences are at very competitive prices. In her shop in Saas-Fee she sells handmade Venetian glass bottles in which you can put your essence if you wish. She also sells handmade burners and gives advice about burning materials, and she has a wide range of burning materials to choose from.  She also offers a range of massages when she uses her own fragrant creations. She can work with individuals in Saas-Fee and also in Zürich. She can also be consulted regarding fragrance creations for companies wishing for genuine 100% natural products. Contact her on 078 602 28 38 and visit her website at

posted: 11.03.08