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Living and Working in Swizterland
published by Survival Books

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It's everything you always wanted to ask but didn't for fear of the contemptuous put down - The best English-language guide - It's pages are stuffed with practical information on everyday subjects and are designed to complement the traditional guidebook. (Swiss News)

The ultimate reference book - Every conceivable subject imaginable is exhaustively explained in simple terms - An excellent introduction to fully enjoy all that this fine country has to offer and save time and money in the process. (American Club of Zurich)

A complete revelation to me - I found it both enlightening and interesting, not to mention amusing. (Reader Carole Clark)

We would like to congratulate you on this work: it is really super! We hand it out to our expatriates and they read it with great interest and pleasure. (ICI - Switzerland - AG)

What a great work, wealth of useful information, well-balanced wording and accuracy in details. My compliments! (Reader Thomas Mueller)

A concise, thorough account of the DO's and DON'Ts for a foreigner in Switzerland - Crammed with useful information and lightned with humourous quips which make the facts more readable. (American Citizens Abroad)

A very good book which has answered so many questions and even some I hadn't thought of - I would certainly recommend it. (Reader Brian Fairman)

A mine of information - I might have avoided some embarrassments and frights if I had read it prior to my first Swiss encounters - Deserves an honoured place on any newcomer's bookshelf. (English Teachers Association, Switzerland)

It's so funny - I love it and definately need a copy of my own - Thanks very much for having written such a humourous and helpful book. (Reader Heidi Gulliani)

A must for all foreigners coming to Switzerland. (Reader Antoinette O'Donoghue)

Hats off to Living and Working in Switzerland! (Reader Ronnie Almeida)

posted: 04.08.04


By Kenneth Dogra,FCMA


ISBN 2-9700484-0-X


This revealing book examines how private investors are duped by company reports and financial advice which incite the unsuspecting shareholder to invest in shares and bonds of quoted companies.In addition there is a unique method to judge if the share price is over valued. The book offers straight forward advice and is a useful guide to the general public.


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