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The Stories of 12 Life and Leadership Coaches Working in Switzerland

By Gail Mangold-Vine

Through commentary woven around interviews with 12 expat and Swiss coaches working in English, Coaching answers basic questions such as: 
 Ø      What are the differences between business and life coaching?
 Ø      How does coaching differ from consulting, mentoring, training and therapy?
 Ø      Why are more and more companies hiring coaches?
 Ø      Why are individuals of all ages increasingly seeking coaching – or to become coaches? 

But Coaching also reveals the extraordinary life stories of internationally successful men and women in their mid-30s and up, most of whom live and work in the Lake Léman (Lake Geneva) area of Switzerland, who have become coaches: Dorotea Brandin, Bettina Court, Stephen Davey, Jon Ebersole, Rivka Gianni, Neil Gibbons, Brigitte Kehrer, Sarah Jane Keyser, Katrin Muff, Les Posner, Ilaria Vilkelis, and Virginia Williams. 

In so doing, the book explores some of the issues inherent to the coaching process like attitude, true motivation, the willingness to question and to embrace change, setting and acting on goals, and the power of belief.

Everybody has innate wisdom, and inner leadership power. But whether they are executives seeking to improve their own leadership and develop the performance of their teams, or individuals seeking to solve problems and grow, they can only tap into it if they can be authentic. That is the most essential discovery of the coaching process.”                                                                                                                                                              Rivka Gianni                                                                        

· 120 pages – paperback (height 20 x width 13 cm) – matte laminated cover
· Publisher: CFS Publications, Geneva, December 2005
· Non-fiction: Self-Development
· Store price: CHF 19. Available from Payot Chantepoulet and OffTheShelf in Geneva. If ordered from the publisher you will be charged CHF 19 plus postage & packing.

Order now at T 022 346 17 28, 078 699 47 24 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

For more information Þ Publisher, CFS Communication, 12 Rue Michel Servet, CH - 1206 Geneva 

T ++ 41 (0)22 346 17 28, F ++41 (0)22 346 15 63, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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Geneva: Landscapes and Villages

Written by Christian Vellas, a journalist, writer and a former editor of the Tribune de Genève, and adapted into English by Gail Mangold-Vine, the book offers an entertaining look at the people and stories that shaped Geneva’s countryside over the centuries, and highlights spots of particular beauty among an astonishing 85 sites in the canton – the second smallest in the country – that figure on Switzerland’s heritage list as having national, regional or local importance. The text is sumptuously accompanied by over 100 photographs by Marcel Malherbe.

Published by Éditions Slatkine, Geneva. ISBN 2-8321-0203-4. 184 pages, hardcover, 30 x 24 cm/ 12 x 9 in.

Swiss francs 69.  For more information, call ++41 (0) 22 346 17 28 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Grüezi Newcomer! Insider's guide around Lake Zürich 2009/2010.

This guide is a compilation of information for English speaking newcomers having recently settled or planning to relocate to Lake Zürich area (both sides of Lake Zürich including Obersee).

Grüezi Newcomer! Insider's guide around Lake Zürich 2009/2010 will be updated every 2 years and is based on facts and personal recommendations. It covers a broad range of subjects related to every day life and living such as managing administrative issues like finding a home and registering a car, searching for a job, organizing childcare, commuting, going out, and much more. Our aim is to facilitate newcomers' relocation to the area and their integration.

After surveying the market and talking with internationals and expatriates alike, we quickly realized the real need for a publication like this: up-to-date, finger tip recommendations in English, for a wider public and geographical area, and containing more concrete information than existing books available in the bookstore.

Where to find it? In Switzerland, available from:

  • Orell Füssli in Zürich
  • Lüthy & Stocker Buchhandlung in Zürich Sihlcity
  • BB 2000 Buchhandlung Seedamm Center, Pfäffikon SZ
  • Kreuz Papeterie und Buchhandlung in Rapperswil-Jona SG
  • Spiel- und Läselade in Lachen SZ
  • And can be ordered from any libraries and department stores in Switzerland with the ISBN number: 978-3-033-01973-7 as well as direct through

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Your Swiss German Survival Guide
by Sergio J. Lievano & Nicole Egger

Now you too can enjoy speaking Swiss German. In fact, with this survival guide and its 200 cartoons and illustrations, it's not just easy - it's downright fun.

With Hoi, you'll learn to express your feelings and opinions, shop and meet people - all in Swiss German. You'll find the formulations you need to enjoy Swiss social life or engage in sports and outdoor activities. And you'll discover lots of handy phrases for small talk, eating out, making telephone calls, getting and giving help in an emergency, and other day-to-day language needs.

Hoi includes over 2000 words and phrases. They're derived primarily from the dialect spoken in the Zurich region, which is understood throughout the Swiss German speaking part of the country.

Hoi is chock-full of encouragement for you to get a grip on the expressions you'll need if you're to enjoy your time in Switzerland and feel at home here.

Hoi includes an English to Swiss German and a Swiss German to English dictionary.

Click here to order:

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In and around Zurich with Kids: a guide for parents

Essential reading for anyone who wants to find schools, babysitters, summer camps or a whole host of fun activities for themselves and their children. Over 400 pages packed full of information that parents crave, whether they have lived in Switzerland for 20 minutes or 20 years!

updated: 22.02.06



Know-it-all Passport 2011/2012

Fr. 38.-
714 pages
7th edition

The ultimate guide for English-speakers in the Geneva, Vaud, and neighboring France areas. Check website for a complete list of sales points. Website also offers free classifieds, an important events calendar, updates for the current book, rating possibilities, etc. Get to know your area. You won't need anything else!

updated: 23.08.10

A   F r e s h   A p p r o a c h   T o   F o o d   &   W i n e

Pumpkins and potatoes play a major role in defining many traditional and seasonal recipes in Switzerland. Both vegetables are abundant and inexpensive, with many varieties to choose from.  We have put together two books which offer valuable tips on purchasing and storing fresh pumpkins and potatoes, guidelines and descriptions of the varieties available...and of course, a nice selection of traditional and original recipes.

find out more about our publications

L a u g h i n g  L e m o n  F o o d   &   W i n e
Tel: 076 425 30 25

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Survival Books
P O Box 3780
BA21 5WX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1935 700060
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This book is guaranteed to make your life in Switzerland easier and more enjoyable. Regardless of whether you're planning to stay for a few weeks or indefinitely, Living and Working in Switzerland has been written for you! Now also available as an eBook for instant download.

updated: 27.11.08

Spikie Mikie is a cactus who visits Geneva, Lausanne, and the Mont-Blanc Mountain in an effort to rid himself of his needles. A fun and interesting book for children, but I have also heard a few adults giggle too! In English and in French, this delightful book also has some activities for children (and their parents!).

Spikie Mikie on sale through:      
FNAC (pending)

Swiss Political Institutions
by Vincent Golay

Click here for more info.

Swiss Political Institutions gives you a brief, yet thorough and accessible panorama of Switzerland’s political institutions. You‘ll learn the basics of its constitution, political rights, democracy, federalism, separation of powers, and the role of the government. These easy-to-grasp concepts are enhanced by the insightful and often witty illustrations of Mix & Remix.

Ideal for welcome packages.

Published by Editions LEP, Lausanne, ISBN 978-2-606-01295-3, paperback, CHF 14.00.
Volume discounts: 20-49 copies: CHF 13.00 per book; 50-99 copies: CHF 12.00 per book; as of 100 copies: CHF 10.- per book.

For orders, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 021 651 2570.

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Swiss Watching
by Diccon Bewes

"At the heart of Europe is Switzerland. The country that gave us triangular chocolate and holey cheese. The country famous for its punctual trains and strict neutrality.

The country that has yodelling festivals on national television.

Swiss Watching is a light-hearted yet revealing journey around Europe's most individual country. From seeking Heidi and finding the best chocolate to reliving a bloody past and exploring an uncertain future, Swiss Watching proves that there's more to Switzerland than banks, skis, francs and cheese.

This is a picture of the real Switzerland, a place where the breathtaking scenery shaped a nation not just a tour itinerary, and where tradition is as important as technology. And where recycling is forbidden on Sundays. It's also the story of its people, who have more power than their politicians, but can't speak to one another in the same language. And who own more guns per head than the people of Iraq.

One country, four languages, 26 cantons, and 7.5 million people (but only 80% of them Swiss): there's nowhere else in Europe like it. Switzerland may be more than 500 miles from the nearest drop of seawater, but it is an island at the centre of Europe. Welcome to the landlocked island.


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SWITZERLAND A Photographic Journey
by Les Rhoades

Quote from book: "Switzerland is a bold, magical place that effortlessly combines the earthly and the sublime into one of most unique landscapes on the planet. This photographic journey will take you from classic locations and events to often remote, forbidding mountain peaks and quite forests. It's a panoramic train ride of wine, cheese and mountain peaks all arriving
on Swiss time."

"In this book you will experience luscious full-color photographs and accompanying text. If you have never visited the country of Switzerland or are looking for memories to last forever...turn the pages and immerse yourself in the enchanting photos that follow." 

bern_federal_square300x207.jpgHighlights and Subjects: The Capital City of Bern and The Gurten,  the Emmental Region, Mountain passes ( Sustan - Grimsel), Kandersteg, Adelboden, Gruyere,  Farm Life, Cheese Sharing Festival, Alphorns, Carnival, Charmey Cow Parade, Lake Thun, Appenzell, Grindelwald, Mountain Lakes. Sight location information throughout the book.

About the Author:
Les Rhoades is a professional photographer living in Bern, Switzerland. (US citizen). He has spent the last seven years traveling around Switzerland photographing all aspects of the country to include; cities, villages, alpine landscapes, cultural events, and nature in all its glory.



(100 pages, with 161 photographs with accompanying text) You can view the book with a 15 page PDF preview at this link:

Les Rhoades
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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'Enthralled'  The (London) Times
'One of the most fascinating biographies of recent years'  SPIEGEL magazine

Symphony of Dreams
The Conductor and Patron Paul Sacher
by Lesley Stephenson

How did a man born into a modest working class family use his vision and success principles to become one of the world's wealthiest and most successful men? This disclosure biography of Swiss billionaire entrepreneur and music patron, Paul Sacher, answers this and many other questions about this legendary, intensely secretive man.

English and German editions available from: 
Orell Füssli The Bookshop, Bahnhofstrasse , Zurich (English)
Bergli Books, Basle (English)
PPE Centre (orders to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; signed and personalized books available; both editions)
Amazon  (both English and American editions available)

More reviews:

'One of the many strengths of this book is that it gives us a view of Sacher which is very much at odds with what we have previously been told by the newspapers.… The more I read the book the more I realised that the title Symphony of Dreams is absolutely exact and very well chosen. BBC Radio 3, 'Music Matters'

'A well-researched and straightforward biography. Sacher's activities ... are legendary and very much merit recording. Stephenson's book meets the need well ...'.Opera Magazine, London

'A book about Sacher was badly needed, and this new study by Lesley Stephenson, who worked with him extensively, fits the bill admirably. Indeed, in factual terms, it is unlikely ever to be superseded.' Musical Opinion

'In the context of music history, Sacher is an important figure, which makes this first biography timely and necessary. Lesley Stephenson makes a good story out of his modest family background … and underlines his pivotal role at Hoffmann-La Roche in the post-war years, when he stealthily won back control of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant for the Hoffmann heirs.' Financial Times

posted: 09.12.04

Touring Geneva Wine Country

This is the first guide ever to the Geneva countryside. Written by Gail Mangold-Vine, editor of 'Geneva Wines', the 176 page, pocket format (21 x 10 cm) book starts in Céligny and works around Lac Léman to Hermance and Jussy. For each area, there is a thumbnail sketch, historical and cultural information, complete list of wineries, farms & markets, where to eat, where to stay, and much more. The book can be ordered at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phoning 022 346 17 28. It costs CHF 25 plus postage and packing.

posted: 02.11.04

Zurich for Newcomers
by Barbara Milne

ISBN: 3280051614