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8402 Winterthur

An Xpat Reports; "This is an absolutely fantastic site to order hard to find movies, documetaries, etc.... The English movies are usually Code 1. I have found such television shows as Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Knots Landing and the list goes on. The site is in all 3 languages of Switzerland and English as well.  Give this site a look see! I promise you will immediately become as addicted to it as I have!    Quick delivery in most cases and you can often have movies already released in States before they get here in the movie theater !  There is nothing negative I can about their service! And their return policy is fantastic!".

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DVD Rental

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Net Movies

Site is in English. Rental prices as of Chf 5.00/week and rent 2 DVD's at once and shipping is free. 


4 Im Lee
5621 Zufikon
Tel: 056 641 1000
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This lisenced company delivers American sports DVDs internationally, and is located just around the corner in canton Aargau! NBA, NFL, MLB, and NCAA to your door!!

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