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One of the main reasons that prevents people from making a great speech or even making a speech at all, is fear. Many people try overcome their fear by forcing themselves to do  speeches, learning some skills and tricks but often all they do is cover-up the paralyzing fear.

The HeartSmart program, helps people to begin understand the beliefs that underlie their fear.  In this process people learn how to calm their bodies and then their minds. They will learn how to harness the fear not eliminate it because some fear can help us to be aware and be alert. As you become calmer, you become more confident and discover your performance improves. Learn how to communicate better with HeartSmart!

An Xpat Reports: "I would like to recommend John Styffe’s HeartSmart® program. I started work with him to improve my golf game and concentration. But it has helped  much more than I expected; also in my daily life. John has a very subtle  and kind way which made me feel comfortable, and convinced me I can make much more out of my life." - Roberta Scott

posted: 27.03.06
updated: 27.02.07, 27.01.09