A + B Coaching
Geneva (Switzerland) and Saint Genis Pouilly (France)
Tel: +33 (0)450 42 26 74
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Expat and intercultural coaching for:
- expat executives or diplomats (pre-departure, quick integration, work/life balance, development of supportive environments)
- trailing spouses wanting to develop their own career
- expats or expat spouses wanting to use their experience and expertise in order to create their own portable business using the Internet and e-marketing
- multicultural teams.
The coaching takes place through the phone / Skype / Internet in the form of individual or group coaching and in English, French or German. 

posted: 23.07.06

Services for Expatriates
Bederstrasse 51
8002 Zurich
Tel 0041 (043) 399-8989
Fax 0041 (043) 399-8988
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At ASN, we provide advice and support for HR professionals at international corporations as well as for their expatriates during every phase of a foreign assignment. The development of expatriation guidelines, remuneration systems and insurance solutions are as much part of our service as cultural training and consulting on tax and legal matters.

posted: 03.06.10


ckcoaching - give drive to your life
Catharina Kreysel

As a professional coach I would be pleased to help you:

• make your expat experience a success
• manage change in a positive way
• design your professional career
• get the best out of your life
• free yourself from limitations

Life and Management Coaching for expatriates. Contact me for a FREE 30 minute test coaching.

posted: 06.09.12

EB Human Resources

Klosbachstrasse 24



Tel: +41 (0) 44 508 0407

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EB Human Resources provides Strategic Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Training services to a wide range of businesses.


We are committed to offering support, which meet the needs of our clients across a wide range of human resource issues including recruitment, training, development and business improvement.


We provide a wide range of Human Resources, Recruitment and Training services tailored to suit your needs:


·         Process Analysis and Audits – HR Processes evaluation and effectiveness

·         Recruitment and Selection services

·         Company Culture Analysis

·         Coaching and Conflict management

·         Redundancy Support and Consultation

·         Job Evaluation Services

·         Office Management Services

·         Interim HR Support

·         Representative Office Support

·         In-house Training services include:

o   Customer Service Training

o   Motivation Training

o   Diversity Training

o   Leadership and Management Training


We can help by evaluating current high value-added human resources practices and tools and then improve them or create those that you don't have. Some of the different aspects we evaluate are:

o   Policies and Procedures

o   Employee Handbooks

o   Forms, Templates, and Checklists (i.e. Absence forms, attendance calendar, Probation periods, appraisal forms)

o   Recruitment Tools (i.e. Application process, Reference Check, Interview Evaluation)

o   Benchmark Survey of Practices

o   Current Human Resources Processes (i.e. Job descriptions)

 EB Human Resources, providing a helping hand in people matters.

posted: 22.06.09

Euro-VA Virtual Assistance Service
Tel. Zürich: +41 (0)43 508 0337
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We provide a full range of assistance services, and because we are based in an EU office you benefit from much lower prices, with flexible offerings starting from 11 Francs per hour. We have a dedicated assistant team focused on German speaking Switzerland.
Let us do the admin so you can get on with business. Company formation, paperwork, tax forms, bookkeeping, emails, calls, research, website content and social media maintenance.
We have a one hour free trial for everyone, so you can try us out with no risk or financial outlay.
“Try us, you’ve got nothing to lose!”
posted: 13.08.13



LifeQuest: Center for Holistic Psychology & Coaching
Dr. Lille Springall, CPC, ACC
Psychologist & Certified Professional Coach (ICF accredited)
Sumatrastrasse 25
8006 Zürich
Tel: +41 43 818 4629
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Are you going through a challenging phase in your life? Are you feeling doubtful, confused, unsure or even overwhelmed about  some aspect of your life? Or perhaps you have decided that there is some part, or parts of your life you want to change, but you are not sure how?

In everyone's life there are times of doubt, change, crisis or confusion when the right way forward is not clear.

If you are going through such a phase, we can help you to move forward by helping you to:

  • Have greater clarity
  • Make the decisions that are really right for you
  • Proactively manage stress and emotional overwhelm
  • Feel more self-confident, centered, calm and in balance
  • Take the proactive, positive action necessary for you to move forward and achieve your goals
  • Overcome inner barriers and obstacles by enabling you to identify and transform disempowering emotional, behavioural and psychological patterns

We offer a holistic coaching approach, which provides people with a powerful and effective way to move forward and to create long-lasting, positive results. Contact us at any time for a complimentary 30 minute, individual, information consultation.

posted: 03.01.07
updated: 29.05.09

Habitusnet Consulting AG
Stampfenbachstrasse 32
8006 Zurich
Tel: +41 43 500 0770
Fax:  +41 43 500 0774 

Habitusnet Consulting AG offers business technology consulting to small businesses.  We advise on issues such as:

- e-commerce
- website design
- accounting software
- customer relationship management
- online marketing
- home/office IT infrastructure and networking
- voice over IP telephony and video conferencing
- small business servers
- security
- anti-virus/anti-spam protection
- user training
- PC support

We provide you with the technology that serves your small business needs.

Prices per hour or per project, just call and ask.

posted: 11.04.05  


The HeartSmart Center
CH-8008 Zürich
078 806 9516
Contact: John Styffe
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Have you become aware that it is time for a change in your business and personal lives but you just don’t  know where or how to start? Would you like some guidance in this process?

Well then, try heart to heart coaching and training with the HeartSmart® Program. This is a program that is based upon the principles of practicality, experience,  simplicity, logicality,  learning,  self responsibility, awareness and self development.

This program you will not only teach you techniques to help you to be resilient in times of crisis but it help you to develop and increase an awareness of what is required to respond effectively, efficiently and with flexibility to change. 

This is an exclusive program for people who are prepared to make the  commitment and to do whatever it takes to move.

You will achieve more energy, more balance and more clarity.

The HeartSmart® Team offers workshops, retreats, presentations,  personal  and group coaching in German and English.

For a free personal introductory appointment or to attend one of our free information evenings  contact John Styffe at The HeartSmart Center on 078 806 9516 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Xpat Reports: "I would like to recommend John Styffe’s HeartSmart® program. I started work with him to improve my golf game and concentration. But it has helped  much more than I expected; also in my daily life. John has a very subtle  and kind way which made me feel comfortable, and convinced me I can make much more out of my life." - Roberta Scott

posted: 27.01.09



   Horse as Partner

Leadership Workshops

 A horse as your teacher – perhaps unusual – but highly effective ! Why horses? They give us instant and honest feedback about our social skills, which are the basis for true leadership.  Through various groundwork (no riding) exercises, we address our four main topics - Communication, Respect, Trust and Leadership. Each practical session is followed by a discussion round to show how the newly gained knowledge and experiences can be transferred to the workplace. Our goal is to give you an unforgettable learning experience! Group or private coaching available (English / German)We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Ms. Parris (076) 389 0639 / www.horseaspartner.com / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Nexell GmbH
Nexell is a leading provider of CRM, ERP and Internet based (ASP) solutions & strategies. Our experience and expertise in the field of Sales, Customer Service, Process, Change and Data Management, has provided our customers with cost effective solutions, efficient and streamlined business processes and a quick return on their investments.

Why Nexell ? What makes us different from all other consultants?
We don’t only “consult” and “make recommendations” to our customers. We provide products and solutions, which we fully implement, integrate, train & support, to our customer’s needs. We are an international team, managed by international and internationally experienced people, helping our customers in English, French, German, Swiss German, Swedish and Hungarian. Our references: http://www.nexell.ch/de/kunden.htm

We represent and work with the following products & solutions:

The world’s leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, in 11 languages, with over 16,900 customers and 308,000 users worldwide. Link: http://www.nexell.ch/de/salesforce.htm

MindJet – MindManager
The industry leading information mapping software that helps businesses and users visualize and manage ideas and information. Link: http://www.nexell.ch/de/mindjet.htm

The Swiss developed ERP / financial software solution, for Swiss based SMB companies. Link: http://www.nexell.ch/de/proffix.htm

Project Management via the internet. Your project team can manage and co-ordinate your project, anywhere, anytime. Link: http://www.nexell.ch/de/projectplace.htm

What else ?
Apart from general consulting and internet services, evaluations and project coordination, Nexell is part of an international network of technical translators, providing translation and localization services, worldwide, from almost any language to any language. (Link: http://www.xpatxchange.ch/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=57)

There is, of course, a lot more to Nexell GmbH: www.nexell.ch

Main contact to Nexell GmbH

John A. Sas
Managing Partner
Nexell GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 23
CH-6304 Zug
m: +41 76 593 31 01
t: +41 41 726 71 17
f: +41 41 726 71 01
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
w: www.nexell.ch

Or contact us via: http://www.nexell.ch/de/kontakt.htm

posted: 08.10.05



SilverSands Associates
Rue Jacques-Grosselin 8
1227 CarougeGeneva
Tel: +41 78 744.15.96
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Silversands Associates is a group of consultants, who brought their knowlegde, skills together with emphasis on Microsoft products.

This merge made us complete many challenging projects for our customers. The fact that we do not just place people in your company distinguishes
Silversands Associates from other IT agencies.

When you have a Share Point, BizTalk, .Net, SOA project in your company, take contact with us and you will experience the new way of working with a skilled

Products used: BizTalk, SharePoint, InfoPath, SRRS, SQL Server,.Net.

Also expert in EFETnet implementations.

posted: 14.01.09


Simon Business Consulting


Zelg 34
3662 Seftigen
Tel: 033 345 8154
Fax: 033 345 8155
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International Marketing, Promotion & Data - in English. We work together with you to achieve what you want, when you want it. Customer focused and quality orientated services.

Fast turnaround, hourly or project rates - email or telephone us with your requirements and we will give you an on the spot timeframe and price estimate. We will come to your location for an obligation free meeting to discuss your requirements.

A wide range of marketing products and services tailored to suit your needs:

- Marketing Programs
- Promotional Materials & Texts
- International Marketing Research
- Brand development
- Presentations and brochures
- Internet Sites and Texts
- Promotional Correspondence & Reports
- and much more!
If you want to know how to market your business successfully, we can show you how to do it.

posted: 06.06.06



Swiss-Entry Consulting GmbH
Im Sträler 25
8047 Zurich
Tel: +41 (0)1 400 26 06
Fax: +41 (0)1 400 26 07
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Swiss-Entry Consulting Ltd. is specialised in the implementation of companies and in the search for business partners in Switzerland. Swiss-Entry is the contact point for you in Switzerland and takes over all necessary tasks until the successful end of your project.

posted: 22.06.04