Support through Grief
Tel: 043 277 0008
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We are a small group of recently bereaved English speaking ex-patriots living in Zurich and in the Zurich area.  We are forming a support group for the English speaking community in Zurich who are in, or who have been in, the same situation as ourselves.

We are men and women who have experienced the grief and loneliness of losing a partner, the bewilderment of sorting out finances and legalities in a language in which we are not fluent, and being without the support of family and relatives close by.

We plan to meet on the first Sunday of every month in a pre-arranged place, i.e. restaurant, café, or in our homes.  Should there be sufficient interest we would organize other social events such as trips, walks or sporting activities at the weekend.  We are open to suggestions.

Please join us and help us to help each other.  Talking really does help.

posted: 30.03.09