Brillantmont International School
16, avenue Charles-Secrétan
1005 Lausanne
Tel: +4121 310 0400
Fax: +4121 320 8417
info [AT]

"Brillantmont International School is a fully accredited day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 11-18 in the centre of Lausanne. The school provides internationally recognised academic programmes taught in English, which allow students to enter universities throughout the world. With 150 students from over 40 different nationalities, Brillantmont is very much an international school, which values cultural diversity.

Since its foundation in 1882, Brillantmont has belonged to the same family and we are proud of our homely environment in which every student can reach their full potential.

We would be delighted to welcome you at Brillantmont so you can see first-hand what makes Brillantmont so special."

posted: 12.05.11

Gstaad International School
3780 Gstaad
Tel: 033 7442373
Fax: 033 7443578
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A small university preparatory boarding School offering preparation for Colleges in the USA / UK / Switzerland and other countries.

Test preparation for SAT1 SAT subject Tests TOEFL AP   IGCSE  A levels Sport is practised daily and include: Tennis / Squash / Fitness / Karate / Basketball, Unihockey / Soccer / Hiking / Rock climbing.

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Institut Montana
6300 Zug
Tel: (041) 711-1722
Fax: (041) 711-5465
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Institut Montana Zugerberg is a non-profit, swiss and international co-ed day- and boarding school. It was founded in 1926 and is comprised of an International Section as well as a Swiss Section.
The International Section’s purpose is to provide an education to prepare students for university entrance. It is a recognized IB World School and our students have entered universities in numerous countries including the UK, the USA, Canada, and Switzerland.
The Swiss Section prepares its students for entrance to Swiss universities. All Swiss universities have very high standards and are considered world class.

Since some students are beginners in English and in German, there are special courses tailored to their needs (English as a Foreign Language and German as a Foreign Language).

The class sizes range from six to fifteen students, and the teacher student rate is 1 to 6. All teachers of the International Section are fluent in English and most are native speakers.
We require that all teachers hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and many have earned a Master’s or a doctorate.
The Swiss Section teachers hold degrees from German and Swiss universities, and have the equivalent of either a Master’s or a doctorate and an educational degree. In both sections the average teacher has more than seven years teaching experience and stays in average eight years at Montana.

Currently 270 students are enrolled and our student body comes from all around the world. This diversity is best illustrated by the fact that all five continents are represented and our students come from more than 36 different countries.

posted: 09.12.10

1854 Leysin
Tel +41 24 493 3928

Academic Year or Semester Abroad
LAS is a coeducational boarding school of 380 students (grades 8-12) from more than 50 nations. LAS combines an American educational philosophy with the rigor of a European academic institution. We offer the International Baccalaureate diploma and a comprehensive US university preparatory curriculum.  LAS offers a diverse extra-curricular program which includes exciting sports and recreational activities, enriching cultural travel, and fine arts courses.   The French-speaking village of Leysin, just two hours from Geneva, is a tranquil paradise and a top ski resort during winter months.  Visit for more information.

Five-day boarding
In August 2009, LAS will be opening a new building, and is expanding our program to include weekly (5-day) boarding. This will allow students to come to Leysin on Sunday evening for study hall, and leave directly after school on Friday to go home for the weekends. This is an excellent middle ground alternative for parents that are seeking an excellent education for their child, but do not want to “let them go” yet.

Description of Summer In Switzerland Program (SIS) Leysin's summer program, for boys and girls ages 9-19, offers a mix of academics, recreational activities and cultural excursions in the beautiful Swiss Alps.  Students take four hours of morning classes or enroll in the intensive Leadership, ESL or Theater programs. After lunch, students participate in recreational/sporting activities, as well as short trips.  On weekends, students enjoy full-day excursions to some of Switzerland's most famous cities.  Week-long trips are also offered to Italy, France, Germany, and England.  Visit for more information.

posted: 10.03.09

St. George's School in Switzerland
Chemin de St. Georges 19
1815 Clarens/Montreux
Tel: +41 21 964 3411
Fax: +41 21 964 4932
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British International co-ed day school (ages 3-19)and girls only boarding school (ages 11-19). Prepares students for IGCSE, A/S and A-levels as well as American College Board. A superb campus overlooking Lake Geneva includes 7 tennis courts, modern sports hall, computerised library, science labs. Summer courses in July in French & English for girls and boys (ages 10-16), day or boarding.

posted: 16.02.06