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LifeQuest: Center for Holistic Psychology & Coaching
Dr. Lille Springall, CPC, ACC
Psychologist & Certified Professional Coach (ICF accredited)
Sumatrastrasse 25
8006 Zürich
Tel: +41 43 818 4629
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Are you going through a challenging phase in your life? Are you feeling doubtful, confused, unsure or even overwhelmed about  some aspect of your life? Or perhaps you have decided that there is some part, or parts of your life you want to change, but you are not sure how?

In everyone's life there are times of doubt, change, crisis or confusion when the right way forward is not clear.

If you are going through such a phase, we can help you to move forward by helping you to:

  • Have greater clarity
  • Make the decisions that are really right for you
  • Proactively manage stress and emotional overwhelm
  • Feel more self-confident, centered, calm and in balance
  • Take the proactive, positive action necessary for you to move forward and achieve your goals
  • Overcome inner barriers and obstacles by enabling you to identify and transform disempowering emotional, behavioural and psychological patterns

We offer a holistic coaching approach, which provides people with a powerful and effective way to move forward and to create long-lasting, positive results. Contact us at any time for a complimentary 30 minute, individual, information consultation.

posted: 03.01.07
updated: 29.05.09

Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.
Counselor/Intuitive Healer/Life Coach
Body Mind Spirit

Rue de la Madeleine 5
1800 Vevey
Mobile ++ 41 79 438 5192
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I am the heart to heart spiritual counselor and life coach. I can be your own mentor to guide you and support you through difficult and powerful changes in your life. I can help you to anchor in a crazy fast moving world that demands your full focus good health, a sharp mind, independent creative thinking, quick decision making, unlimited energy, flexibility, a positive attitude and unshakable inner strength. I can help with stress management, addictions, adapting to new cultures, personal inter relations, women's issues, nutrition, anxiety, depression, fatigue, lack of self-esteem and spiritual growth.

I have a doctorate in the Science of Metaphysics and over 20 years of experience with helping and guiding people from all walks of life to find their inner harmony and their correct path in life. A healthy balance of body mind emotions and spirit is imperative to achieve a successful lifestyle and career. My healing, training and teaching methods is a combination of western psychology blended with eastern philosophy, ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom, breathing, yoga, mindfulness meditation and visualization techniques, Chinese healing methods and energy work, known for thousand of years in the east, and now confirmed and accepted by western science.

Sessions are also possible by telephone/skype. Please visit my websites for more details. Feel free to contact me.

posted: 17.07.11
updated: 16.04.13