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Sample Questions from The Soft Landing Zurich Game CD-ROM!

Are you fit for Zurich and Switzerland?

1. Your child has swallowed something poisonous. Which number do you dial?
a) 01 251 51 51
b) 118
c) 117

2. Which community has the lowest taxes?
a) Küsnacht / ZH
b) Freienbach / SZ
c) Steinhausen / ZG

3. How do you greet a group of people formally in Swiss-German?
a) ihr
b) Sie
c) du

4. Is it true that parliamentarians work for free and earn their money sitting on several boards of companies?
a) Yes
b) No

5. Who lives beyond the “Röschtigraben” (hash browns ditch)?
a) the French speaking Swiss
b) the Italian speaking Swiss
c) the Romansch speaking Swiss

1. Would you be interested in a free presentation of the CD-ROM Soft Landing Zurich?
Yes ____ No ____

2. Would you like to play the original Soft Landing Game, a board game like Trivial Pursuit on Switzerland in general and Zurich in particular in a social atmosphere with other expatriates?
Yes ____ No ____

3. Are you interested in a language/German course?
Yes ____ No ____

4. What is your level of German?
Beginner ____ Intermediate ____ Advanced ____

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