Mr. Pickwick Pub
3011 Bern
031 - 311 28 62  Mr. Pickwick Pub: (English/Irish beers on tap, live sport, sport clubs, great pub entertainment) that offer you a chance to mix with the Swiss and get together with a great variety of ex-pats. "A Home away from Home" - "The Place where people meet" are not just our slogans but the reasons why we are a , "Classic pub at its best".

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Network Events

On a quarterly basis, Packimpex organises a wide range of events in Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Zug, and Zurich. These events allow you to learn more about Swiss culture and to build up a network in your new home town and are great fun to attend. More information is available at

Various Events in Berne


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