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Are you moving abroad? Are you looking for competent advice in order to cover gaps in your health insurance or retirement plan on an international basis? Welcome to ASN. In the ten years since ASN first opened its doors in Zurich we have won the trust of numerous international corporations and expatriates worldwide. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your expatriate challenges.

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Greüzi and welcome to Switzerland from EbssGmbH!
For those who are lucky enough to be living and working in this beautiful country, it is an experience that you will take with you for the rest of your life. Switzerland has the advantages of being a stable, clean, safe and extremely well organised country that offers many benefits to locals and expats alike. One of these benefits is a world class health system available to all the residents and citizens of Switzerland. The health system is funded by all residents via compulsory health insurance.
To an expat at first the breadth and range of choices of health insurance companies and the coverage they offer can be a bit daunting. It is of utmost importance to make sure that you and your family has the appropriate insurance for your needs. For example, the bare minimum or compulsory insurance (KVG) only applies within the canton of your residence. If you have an accident in another canton or need treatment in a hospital not in your region, with the minimum insurance you are not covered for this and would be liable for any medical expenses you may incur.
In order to get the best advice concerning health insurance, whether it is starting a policy for the first time, or wanting to find the same coverage for a better price, or even finding better coverage for the same price you can contact the friendly staff at EbssGmbH at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  who have collectively over 12 years experience dealing with Swiss health insurance. EbssGmbH is located near Baden and can give a free home consultation, as well as advice and support over the phone and internet. Feel free to contact us with your enquires in either English or German.

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Expat Financial

Offers international health insurance and global life, travel and disability insurance to expatriates, their employers and local nationals around the world.

Expert in expat health insurance for individuals and companies

ExpatPlus is the specialist in the field of social protection of expats. With ExpatPlus, you and your family are in good hands 24h/24 and everywhere. ExpatPlus is an exhaustive international expat insurance package: outpatient and in-patient treatment, evacuation and repatriation, death, incapacity and dental care. Discover our solutions here!

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Free of charge we can offer you our services how to narrow down the choices and choose the health insurance and other insurances that is best for you and your family. Saving possibilities can add up to approx. CHF 1.000.  per annum.

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HealthCare International

Health insurance for the expatriate and world traveler.

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Insurance Questions
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Need Personalized Option? Have Questions about Insurance? Ben Cohen can help with all your Insurance needs - from Health, Life, Home & Property, Vehicle, Liability, Travel, Business and Commercial Insurance as well as Financial Planning.

An Xpat Reports: "Good English/French service for before and after sales in insurance with clear concise explanations and available by phone or in person."

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SIP Swiss Insurance Partners
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Swiss Insurance Partners are independent insurance consultants established to satisfy the investment and financial protection needs of international clients. They do this by selecting outstanding Swiss and international insurance products while offering exceptional advice and service. They provide consulting and broker services both to individual and corporate clients worldwide.


Swiss Insurance Services
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Do you need a swiss obligatory health insurance ?

Ask for our best and cheapest offers !

For example : Lowest price for Geneva state is CHF 193.10 / monthly. For an adult (26 y.o. and more). Price for the major part of Vaud state is 166.60.

Ask for a free quotation !

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General Information:

Did you know that in Switzerland the basic/general medical insurance is mandatory? And that everyone living there (no matter age or health) must be accepted by any insurance company (Krankenkasse). 

There is a difference between accident insurance and health insurance. If employed your employer will cover you for accident insurance. If you are not employed you must cover yourself for both.

Check out for good comparisons of the different policies offered by different insurance companies. same and regulated by the government.