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Neurofeedback, also known as electroencephalogram (EEG) Biofeedback, is a computer assisted learning strategy that helps the client train brain behavior. Exercising certain brain waves enhances the brain's own innate regulatory mechanisms. By training the EEG, the client is provided with information to help influence mood or state of arousal. When given this information, the brain is then encouraged, through training, to reach a point of self-regulation.  Through this "exercising of the brain" and the increased ability to adequately self-regulate, a person experiences improvement in their ability to function.

An Xpat Reports: "I would like to recommend John Styffe’s HeartSmart® program. I started work with him to improve my golf game and concentration. But it has helped  much more than I expected; also in my daily life. John has a very subtle  and kind way which made me feel comfortable, and convinced me I can make much more out of my life." - Roberta Scott

posted: 21.03.06
updated: 27.01.09