Alexander Technique
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By learning how to minimise stressful wrong body uses in everyday and professional activities you can regain health, improve performance and overcome difficulties. “I sleep much better”, “I no longer have back pain”, “I can play my music more fluidly”, I can sing with a greater richness of tone”, “I am more successful at my sport”, “I now feel confident enough to have a baby”, “I am less stressed at work”, “I now know how I can help myself”– these are the sorts of remarks made by people who have learnt the F.M. Alexander Technique. Doctors recommend it to help resolve many musculo-skeletal troubles because they realise that the Alexander Technique is more than a cure, it’s a psycho-physical re-education. Robin Simmons has been teaching this Technique since 1971 and as well as giving individual lessons he also runs an internationally approved teacher training school in Zürich. Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT.  

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