As of October 2005, IN-Lease is officially marketing its services in Switzerland via the newly established national marketing office. The office is based in Lucerne - central Switzerland - which gives the comapny easy and fast access to the entire country. The Swiss marketing office is part of the highly successful Belgium IN-Lease Group, which is rapidly expanding its market reach throughout Europe.

IN-Lease markets a highly innovative furniture rental program, designed for people working away from their home country. This gives the individuals the total flexibility and companies a hassle-free integration for their foreign employees and an alternative to save costs. Further advantages of this service are: 

Furniture is delivered comfortably to and set up in the apartment.

● Damaged furniture can easily be replaced.

● Enables budgeting and gives clear cost overview.

● Frees companies from holding non-core related assets.

No organizational efforts upon arrival and departure.

Shorter integration time for the employee and thus, productivity begins shortly after arrival.
Logistical cost saving (saves transport cost of household goods as well as weeks of costly hotel accommodation while waiting for in-transit furniture).


IN-Lease offers three furniture rental types:


Short term package

This package is designed for clients needing furniture for a limited amount of time (<3 months). Our clients usually use this package to bridge the time until their furniture arrives or for a “short term project” related stay in Switzerland.


Rent to Rent
This package was created to offer our clients a quick but comfortable and convenient solution. It gives them the freedom of ordering the furniture from our on-line catalogue and thus can cover any budget.


Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy offers a very wide choice of furniture. IN-Lease sets up a meeting with the client and shows a full range of catalogues and samples. Our client can choose as per their own personal choice and give their real estate a personal touch. With the Rent to Buy service and option is attached to either buy the furniture after the rental period or give it back.


IN-Lease likes to give its clients as much options as possible and therefore it is up to our clients to define the required service and quality of the furniture.


For further details on IN-Lease, please visit or contact our marketing office directly.


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