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Equilibrium Verbier’s new mountain health retreat is an opportunity for anyone of any fitness level to be part of a small group of like-minded individuals engaging in a programme of exercise and nutritional, calorie-controlled eating.  In just six days you will lose weight, tone up and go home feeling reenergised and motivated to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.  Mountain hikes and yoga classes feature daily, as do afternoon personal training or fitness sessions.  After all the hard work, the mind and body is rewarded with massages and time spent in the comfortable surroundings of the homely Swiss chalet.  Equilibrium guests feel challenged as well as relaxed and refreshed, typically leaving us 6-12lbs lighter.

Every detail has been carefully considered and personal attention is offered throughout to ensure guests benefit from their time with us, both physically and mentally.  On leaving, they feel fully equipped with the motivation and knowledge to integrate what has been experienced into their everyday lives.  The ultimate result being, the achievements of the week are maintained and a new healthier lifestyle is adopted.

If this sounds like a week that could make a difference to your life, then please contact us about joining an Equilibrium mountain health retreat.  For more information please visit our website at www.equilibriumverbier.com and if you have friends or family that you think may also benefit from spending time with us, we would love to hear from them too.


An Xpat Reports: "Do you want to start the autumn by loosing a few kilos or getting fitter...go for a week full of health and nutrition advice in a fantastic environment in Verbier, led by the unbreakable winner Angus Morrison the best i have done for a long time."

posted: 09.10.09

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