Sinikka Vuoti
Method Putkisto Instructor
Mobile: 079 300 6952
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Method Putkisto is an innovative, precise exercise method of deep-stretching, deep-strengthening and deep-breathing, enabling you to achieve in-depth improvements in your body shape for a leaner, trimmer body - lifting you to a good posture.

“Method Putkisto addresses one main factor: if muscles get tight they shorten, and this can prevent us form moving properly. By stretching one muscle group at a time and utilising breathing as an aid, we can elongate the tight short muscles until the body falls back into its neutral position. This neutral position is the starting point for every movement in Pilates, yoga or sport. Many of us cannot even reach the proper starting position,” says Putkisto.

The work is based on relaxation, using visualisation, breathing and the natural force of gravity. When following the programme the results will become permanent although you will feel the body-changing effects immediately. The Method also releases tension on a very deep level in the body. Your improved muscle balance will result in greater freedom of movement, an improved sense of well-being and health as well as increased energy levels.

Sinikka Vuoti is a registered instructor of Method Putkisto (the only one in Switzerland at the moment) in Lausanne and she has weekly classes and private lessons held in English. Also group lessons (10-12 pers.) elsewhere (Geneva – Bern - Montreux surroundings) can be arranged. If you or a group is interested to start exercising Method Putkisto, please contact Sinikka and you get more information.

posted: 21.02.07