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p.s. for those of you who don't know - blog is short for web log J

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NTE: Love this one! It was easy, quick, I can manage more than one blog with one log in. People can post comments, I could upload links etc. So I'm sticking with this one: Honduras Trip

has private password protected areas for family & friends, online stats. This one costs!

password protected area, stats. post & edit unlimited entries, get, receive public comments & private messages, network your journal with others.

NOTE: I just started my own blog using EasyJournal and it started out to be easy but then I realized the post comments section wasn't working. Emailed their help line and as of today (5 days later) I haven't heard a word. This was the blog: Honduras Trip . Moved above to Blogger (listed above).


Yahoo! 360
You can attach your Yahoo! photo albums, do reviews, create lists & show your Yahoo! memberships!

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Expat Blog

This site links you to expat blogs from all over the world. There is a directory so you can see those made by expats in Switzerland. As of today (20.01.07) there are 33 from Switzerland. You can also create one here too.