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INTEGRATED : helping buildings think.

The company was formed to offer customers a proven, professional and personal service. we offer a wealth of knowledge, know-how and experience. With a team of developers dedicated to software development we design, develop and create intelligent integration products.

We offer a wide range of standard software integration products and frequently build tailor-made solutions based on customers specific requirements and on proprietary systems.

As well as proprietary communication protocols, we are experienced with many of the open communication standards including BACnet, OPC, LON, EIB, M-BUS, PROFIBUS and MODBUS.

C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C, Windows CE, Pascal and Fortran are just some of the standard development languages we work with.

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Nexell GmbH
Nexell is a leading provider of CRM, ERP and Internet based (ASP) solutions, software & strategies.
Our experience and expertise in the field of Sales, Customer Service, Process, Change and Data Management, has provided our customers with cost effective solutions, efficient and streamlined business processes and a quick return on their investments.

MindJet – MindManager
The industry leading information mapping software that helps businesses and users visualize and manage ideas and information. Link:  (FREE trial available)

The Swiss developed ERP / financial software solution, for Swiss based SMB companies. Link:  (FREE trial available)

Tired of installing, maintaining, upgrading and the general hastle & costs associated with purchasing and owning software and hardware ? It’s time to consider ASP solutions (on demand solutions)…

What are the benefits of an ASP solution ?
• No software or hardware to buy or install
• No internal IT skills required
• Nothing to maintain and no personnel costs to maintain it.
• No upfront costs / capital to purchase is required
• Only requirement is an internet connected PC with a browser
• Simple monthly subscription fee.

What are the leading products in this field ?
The world’s leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, in 11 languages, with over 16,900 customers and 308,000 users worldwide. Link:  (FREE trial available)

Project Management via the internet. Your project team can manage and co-ordinate your project, anywhere, anytime. Link:  (FREE trial available)

GOT Campaigner
The professional email marketing tool for mass emails and eMarketing. This tool allows for mass eMarketing and mailing lists, following all permission based rules and anti-spam laws & guidelines. Link:  (FREE trial available)

What else ?
Apart from general consulting and internet services, evaluations and project coordination, Nexell provides a “one stop shop” for your IT consulting and development needs, from infrastructure, security to hosting, web development, CMS and webshops.

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e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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