Lass Uns Spielen!
A group in the Zurich area for getting together to play board games
and cards

For those parents in Switzerland with Twins or Multiples:

Adoption Support Group for those Living in Switzerland:

For those with children in the local State schools:

For those with children with special needs:

Homeschoolers in Switzerland:

Families Living in the Zurich Area

This group is for those families living in the Zurich area. Messages will be posted to members regarding activities for families in Zurich and life here in general. It is meant to be a place to share information about living here as a family. Please feel free to post to the list at any time anything that you feel is helpful to others here and also feel free to post any questions you may have:-)

For Danish parents in Switzerland:

Au Pairs in Switzerland:

If you are looking for a babysitter, or looking to work as one:

For Expat Moms living in Fribourg